What coding cable do I need and what programs?

most coding cables you find online all work. the most popular ones are clear or blue, have the title BMW K + DCAN OBD2 USB Cable BMW Tools INPA EDIABAS NCS EXPERT for example. they all work just fine. the main issue is THE SOFTWARE. it must be installed correctly for it to work, that's the number one reason people complain that the cable doesn't work. keep in mind, software is meant to work on WINDOWS XP. if using on another windows, visit bmwcoding.com for more info on how to do so.

links to software:

Links to exact software I use (the one that come with cables purchased is outdated)

Link to Cable I've purchased and have tested works great.

I've seen you code using a MAC to code, how did you do that?

coding using a mac is possible. what i use is a program called Parallels, it allows you to install windows within mac OSX, works perfect, i hardly ever use my windows pccomputer for coding anymore. i also use it to code f series as well. this works perfect to install windows xp and set up the software easily.

What does the sport button do? is it the same as DS mode, or moving the shifter to the left?

I get asked this alot. sport mode allows for higher rpms shifting, better accelerations response and most notice a stiffer steering. not to be confused that this adds horsepower as it does not. it is very similar to DS mode (moving shifter to left) but having the two, you will notice the difference between the two. it basically changes the way the transmission works.

Is sport mode safe?

yes! ive installed many and sold tons, my personal car has had sport mode for many years and never any issues! it is actually a factory option that almost no e60 every came with. of course like any BMW mod, dealer options cost hundreds to get installed.

what year vehicles does sport mode work on?

sport mode works on 2004-2007 models. although some have installed on 2008+ models, i do not yet have instructions on doing so, i hope to have it done one day to be able to sell. the install is different as the module is located in the glovebox, and requires coding for sport to show up on the cluster. This also works on manual transmission but finding a place to install the button is tricky as the bezel around the shift knob is different, but i would reccomend the simple button as it is easier to install.

Can i install AUX on my vehicle?

The aux cable works on ANY e60, e61, e63, e65, e90 model BMW. although i mainly just work on 5 and 6 series. It does not matter if you have navigation or non navigation, works on both. Programing is required to get aux to show on idrive menu, and their is not work around. if you have AUX option on your idrive menu, i would look around for an aux plug, it should be in the glovebox or inside the center console.

Does your Blue tooth adapter also do hands free?

no, my bluetooth adapter is only for audio streaming. it does not do hands free. it will only allow for audio playback.

How do i add navigation to my non navigation vehicle?

if you have navigation your unit is called CCC and if you dont, it is Mask. to upgrade to navigation, you will need:

1. 8" navigation screen

2. CCC module

3. new CCC trim bezel

4. GPS antenna if your not prewired with one


adding navigation will not add any better functions to your vehicle, you will just have navigation.

please email me any questions, ill be happy to answer and also give me new ideas to post on here.